Y5 and Y6 Edinburgh Trip

The children in Year 5 and Year 6 went to Edinburgh for the week, they had a wonderful time and the weather was kind.

Here in an extract from James' account of the trip.

Day 2 Tuesday, the day of our visit to the Scottish Parliament, so we were super smart and on our best behaviour. The tour was very interesting and the debating hall was incredibly high tech with three spotlights shining on each desk so that each member of the Scottish Parliament (an MSP rather than an MP) would have an equal opportunity to be seen.

After lunch we went to a museum called Our Dynamic Earth which is all about how the Earth was created, the big bang theory, volcanoes, earthquakes, ice ages and the survival of living creatures. We went in the 'time machine' a.k.a. the lift(!) and went down to the sections on space, tectonic plates, ice ages, glaciers and the rainforest. They even had a real iceberg that you could touch.

The shop was good and I bought a "squidgy" caterpillar called 'Sprinkle Bob FluffyPinksalot the 3rd, - a good idea at the time. After dinner we went to see Oliver at the Edinburgh Playhouse. There was a really funny boy in Fagin's gang who permanently copied Fagin's dance moves. We were all in hysterics!