Music Workshop

We are very fortunate to have welcomed Mike Freeman and Tania Opland to Brackenfield on Tuesday, 9 October for an international music workshop. The classes all took turns to be enthralled with the sounds of many different instruments and then the experience concluded with a concert for children and parents at the end of the day.

A big thank you to FOBS for funding and organising this event.

A review of the school Music Day by Georgina, Year 6

“We were all excited to hear the instruments that were in the Hall. When it was our turn to go down, we all sat in a line with our legs crossed, waiting to hear the music. First they said their names, Mike Freeman and Tania Opland and told us all of the places they had been around the world and said that they find new instruments in the countries they visit.

When they started to play their first piece it was amazing. I couldn’t believe it! They played the violin, which was very special as it was rare and the man who made it had ran out of the proper chin pieces so he finished it off with bone. After that they taught us a dance about killing the rats in the big plague.

We were surprised how many instruments they showed us; there was the hurdy-gurdy that was mainly played in France, which was my favourite instrument because it had a buzzing string and it was like a violin keyboard, and best of all it had a wheel that you had to turn to make a sound, but it took forever to tune.

We went back to the hall at the end of the school day to see their concert, it was great fun when we sang along to the Russian song. I really enjoyed it and I hope they come back again”.