Brackenfield’s Shoes making Big Strides in Africa

A Harrogate prep school have been making a very worthwhile donation to a village in Malawi. Over the past weeks pupils at Brackenfield School on Duchy Road have searched out their unused and outgrown shoes for the villagers of Chisasa in Malawi. The shoes are taken directly to the village by aid workers where they are shared equally amongst those of greatest need.

Principal, Anthony Comerford was delighted to support this cause, “This is an extremely innovative and direct way of helping people. So often children’s used shoes are in a nearly new state since children’s feet grow so quickly, apart perhaps from school shoes!The villagers are receiving shoes that are as good as new. In this country they have little value and so often they get left in boxes in the loft.” Brackenfield pupils have been able to learn more about this part of Africa and would like to thank Year 3 parent Mrs. Sabel for introducing them to this good cause and helping them to stride out to Africa.