Barnardo's Assembly - Nov 13

Brackenfield’s small change makes a big difference for Barnardo’s children in Yorkshire.

Pupils at Brackenfield School have been saving their small change in Barnardo cottage money boxes to make a big difference for disadvantaged children.

In a special Barnardo’s assembly, pupils listened to Janice Heathcote from Barnardo’s explain in detail how all the money raised in Yorkshire goes directly to support needy children in Yorkshire. She thanked the school for their tremendous donation of just over £700 from last year. This year’s total is set to be close to this. Brackenfield pupils heard about one Barnardo’s Day Centre where homeless families can cook their own food, relax and play in the garden, the sort of day many families take for granted. This is just one way in which Barnardo’s, as one of the UK’s leading charities, helps children and their families cope with difficult periods of their lives. Headteacher, Mrs. Skillington was delighted with the total raised. “We are always so pleased to support such a worthwhile charity. Saving small coinage in the money boxes is such an effective way for the children to help needy children. As well as learning how to help others, they also learn how important saving money can be. Donating to Barnardo’s is always such a meaningful way to start our Christmas season.”

Principal, Anthony Comerford was equally pleased, “It’s wonderful to support a charity that aims to ensure that every child can enjoy a proper childhood.“

Brackenfield pupils have already taken their cottage money boxes home, eager to start saving again for next year.

The money raised this year is £573.11. Well done.