Choir Perform Live on Radio York

Today the choir were invited by BBC Radio York to give a live performance of one of the songs they sang to win the Harrogate Competitive Music Festival. The song 'Pack up your Troubles' was written and composed by two brothers, George and Felix Powell, one of our pupil's Great, Great Grandfather was Felix. The Government held a competition just after the First World War had started for songwriters to come up with an inspiring marching song for the troops and the brothers wrote the song and it won. The prize was 100 guineas and for them to go the front and perform it for the troops. The song became very popular and at the end of the war even the German troops were signing it. After the war King George V sent a telegram to thank him. Prime Minister, Lloyd George asked Felix to perform at large rallies of up to 75,000 people to cheer them up after the war had left England so poor. It still is popular amongst troops, as even today they still have to 'pack up their kit bags'.