Infant Department's Very Important Scientific Experiment - Rocket Science

Rocket Science - As part of the Rocket Science campaign from the RHS Gardening for Schools scheme, Brackenfield is taking part in a very important scientific experiment. We have been asked to grow some Rocket seeds that have been to Space and back, and to grow some Rocket seeds that have stayed on Earth, to see if there is any difference. The Infant Department at Brackenfield started the experiment on Wednesday 20 April, and will record and report the results over the next six weeks. They watched a recording from British Astronaut, Tim Peake and then set off. 100 blue packet seeds, and 100 red packet seeds were sown in soil and put into individual cells, each with a numbered label. The instructions asked us to randomise the trial, and anyone who has ever had 60 children sow 200 tiny seeds in 200 soil cells with labels will know how random that is! The ten trays of seeds are on the windowsill in Year 2, and will be watered using exactly measured amounts of water. All germination and growth will be recorded. But, no one knows if the Blue or Red seeds were the ones that went into Space!.