Year 5 & Year 6 Team Building Day

On Thursday 6th October, Years 5 and 6 had their annual Team-Building Day at the Harrogate Showground. This event is very important to gel the two year groups, as well as individual classes, and build their leadership and team skills.

The children were split into mixed groups and the day started with an exercise about what skills a good leader possesses and how to be a good team player. The children then went outside for a variety of exciting team challenges, such as the leap of faith and the human chair. These encouraged them to work as a team, trust each other and build on their strengths and overcome weaknesses. Team leaders were swapped each time so everyone had the opportunity to try this. The morning continued with a fantastic session den building in the woods. Each team were equipped with only some scissors, a plastic sheet and 6 pairs of willing hands. The only criteria they were given were that the dens had to be waterproof and hold every member of the team. They built some fantastic structures (some incredibly creative with kitchens, trampolines, gates, palm trees and fires!) and Mrs Wardell, Mrs Balsamini and Mr Olesqui were very impressed.

After lunch the children went to each teacher for a short team exercise: Mrs Wardell lead a blindfolded beanbag collecting game, Mr Olesqui did a game about gathering water (inspired by bees collecting pollen) and Mrs Balsamini did a log balancing game. The children worked really well as a team and we were all very impressed with their growth mindsets: they didn’t give up and listened well to each other. We all hope to see the skills they learnt being applied in school.